Sober Moms: Sober Birthday Celebration

I had an amazing weekend celebrating my daughter’s 10th birthday! Woot woot! It was very exciting for her to finally be entering the double digit years, and this was truly special for me because I have now been sober for half of her life!! Woot woot again!

Birthday Cake

It still feels truly amazing that I was even able to get sober and stay sober for this long, and I just felt like I needed to celebrate a little, just for me, and do something BIG for her!!  Soooo…. for the first time in my life I have baked a cake! (And I am 42 BTW LOL!) Now, I have done cookies and cupcakes, and I think I have them down to perfection (at least in my eyes) but I have never baked a cake; for some reason cakes scared me! LOL! And oh boy! I had a few challenges with the cake; getting the top and bottom to fit, running out of frosting, and accidentally buying cookie cream instead decorating frosting! BUT! I had a blast making it, and my daughter loved it, and it actually tasted pretty good – well anything chocolate and fudge tastes good right!! 🙂

Furthermore, for the first time in her life and my life, we had a slumber party – of course I was not really a part of the slumber party…!! BUT…Yes! I had 5 girls stay at my house over night! That means 5 sets of parents trusted me enough to have their kids under my care for almost 24 hours! How BIG is this??? Well they sure don’t know, but let me tell you how astounding that feels – I seriously had to pinch myself to make sure that this was real! Because in my drinking days no one trusted me – I didn’t even trust me! Besides, I sure the heck didn’t want a bunch of kids at my house and for 24 hours! So this event was unquestionably BIG for me!

And yes, it is true, I have never had a slumber party as a kid, as a matter of fact I have never even had a birthday party as a kid. I am not sure why that was, we did celebrate birthdays, but it only included my immediate family. So this was awesome because it felt like I finally got my slumber party too – I got to re-do a little piece of my childhood! I got to play Just Dance on Wii, I got to have a pillow fight and I got to hang out with bunch of girls in my pajamas and watch a move and stuff my self silly with popcorn and candy! Whee! So much fun!  (Ok, so maybe I was a part of the slumber party, just a little LOL!)

I really like sharing these special events in my life with you, because when I was newly sober, no one told me how exactly my life was going to change, and the future seemed absolutely terrifying! But events like these, seemingly normal to many people, fill my heart with joy and excitement and make me even more grateful to be sober. These things, most definitely, would not be possible if I was still drinking!

What have you been able to do now that you’re sober?

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Running From the Booze says:

    My big thing has been reading at night. I’m so glad to have it again.


    1. sober365days says:

      I couldn’t agree more!! I would read while I was drinking, but, of course, I couldn’t remember a thing I had read the next day. It is so nice to read and remember where you left off the night before! 🙂


      1. I didn’t the same with watching movies! Only could remember like the first 30 min at most!


  2. sober365days says:

    BTW, that’s a gorgeous cake! Congrats on your baking prowess and for hosting your first slumber party!


    1. Thanks! So silly but really amazing !


  3. lifecorked says:

    So awesome! And, love the cake! My daughter just turned seven and I had a similar experience – no slumber party but ten girls at our house! It was a blast and I was totally present. Sober life – pretty amazing stuff!


    1. Hi Chenoa! Thanks, it was pretty awesome! Being present is pretty amazing indeed; times like these I just put in a “safe” and then I bring it out when I am feeling bit down… It makes for a quick pick me up!


  4. Maggie, this is the most uplifting thing I have read all day. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face, and…

    That. Cake. Is. Awesome! I did something similar last year for my son’s 10th birthday with regard to baking, made a Pac Man eating a pellet (easier than it sounds), and so I know that feeling of pride over a seemingly simple task. But it is not simple at all, it is an absolute miracle, and I’m so glad that I got to share it with you.

    Happy birthday to your daughter!


    1. Thanks Josie! It’s always so nice to see your comments! That sounds like an awesome cake. And you’re right it is seemingly simple task, but not to us! I definitely didn’t know I would have fun baking a cake or having a slumber part, ha, I laughed at those who did – how lame! Now I am that person that I used to laugh at, ha, and I am grateful and amazed! It is an absolute miracle for sure!


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