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Trudging Through It Sober and with a Smile

I am having yet another crazy busy week, as a matter of fact I wanted to post this morning but here it is, 4pm already!Stress Management

I am feeling quite overwhelmed by my jobs workload. It seems that I am living and breathing work! And then house work and kids and oh…. When is this going to end! Of course in many ways I am very grateful that I have a job, especially since so many have had been out of work due to the United States federal government shutdown – I tell ya, as I am writing this out, is sounds crazy but it is very real!

So I am just trying to keep it all together, trying not to freak out and have a nervous breakdown or something. I know my coworkers have their own ways to deal. The other day I asked one of them how he deals with the stress, he replied – “Lots of Bourbon!” – HA HA ! I told him that if I did that he would not see me ever again. We laughed about it; I wonder if he even believed me, but I know that is true. Maybe not the very next day, or one after that, but eventually the drink would take over and I would probably just quit coming to work – and yes, been there, done that!

So I have my own ways to deal, first of all I take deep breaths and frequent breaks during the work day. I eat and drink (water) regularly – forgetting to eat makes me even more crazy! I take my multivitamin daily, and I try to get a good night’s sleep, which is a bit hard when you’re overwhelmed and stressed. But I have learned that the serenity prayer does wonder for this, I just repeat it over and over, till I fall asleep. Here is my version with a little personal line:

God grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can
Strength to continue to be kind to others (even though I want to ____ them)
And the wisdom to know the difference

Another thing I like to do is to listen to some angry music, like NIN and Disturbed for release of frustration, and then some calming jazzy music like Macy Gray and Joss Stone to relax. For me MUSIC is really the best for stress! There is always a song that can get me through! And of course I call my sponsor and email my BFF! I also go to a meeting when I can and I read lots of sober blogs. And speaking of blogs, you my friends have been writing like crazy, today alone I got 15 notifications! Woot Woot – perfect timing! I am very grateful, thank you!

Oh… and I know that some of what I am feeling is of my own making. I have this great ability of making things really huge when they may not be. Well the work load is huge indeed, but I am sure it will all be done in due time. And I am sure that the world will not blow up if it is not! So I have to remind myself to stay in today and only focus on what is directly in front of me!

One day at a time

One foot in front of the other


I heard this little line on “The Middle” show tonight, the ending line was – We all go through tough patches, you just have to hunker down and ride it out!

Well, happy Wednesday,
here is a little something that is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Hump Day Camel

Click on the picture to watch the video.

How are you doing this week?

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  1. Hang in there! Sounds like you’re employing good stress management techniques (I’m laughing about NIN!) For me, it’s all about the dog walk, usually with some mellow podcast that chills me out. But I’m going to borrow some of your strategies for aure! Thanks, as always for your great posts! 🙂


    • Thank you! I am feeling better, I tell you writing it all out is the best too. Also my sponsor mentioned fear, she said stress and anxiety comes from fear, somehow I didn’t think of that – I found that interesting, so I am trying to let go of the fear and believe that I can do this!

      Walks are great, I walk around the office building a lot too. And music, any music, love it! People don’t see me as a NIN type girl! But I love that industrial noise! But anything really, as long I do something and not let it escalate. Thank for your comment. Have a great day!


  2. Hey guess what day it is!
    Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, Maggie…!
    It’s HUMP DAY, Yea-H!!!!

    Haha, I was going to write something serious and profound, seriously!, but that dang camel derailed me.

    Love NIN 🙂


    • OMG! LoL! Good thing I thought of it at the end, cause I had it stuck in my head and I am sure I was driving people in the office crazy with it! – done forgotten what I was stressing about. Laughter my friend, best medicine, and NIN of course 🙂
      Thanks Christy, hope you’re going well! Hugs!


  3. Maggie, the hardest thing for me to do, daily, is to focus on what is directly in front of me. I am reading this post, and thinking that I have a bunch more to read. W. T. F!?! I am reading something completely recreationally, and I am stressing about it… ridiculous! So thanks for the post, and the reminder that it is not all about me, and I really can focus on one thing at a time!

    Hope your weekend was less stressful than your week!


    • Ooh, trust me I have to remind my self of it everyday. If I start looking at all of it at once and I just start freaking out. And the funny part is that I wrote this post to remind myself again. I am glad that others are getting a bit of nudge too. Baby steps for me all the time. LOL! And this takes practice, you know, it takes retraining the though process. Progress not perfection though,right? Thanks Josie!


  4. I ‘m so behind on reading that I’m at your Wednesday post a week late. And you know what? I’m not gonna let it bug me. I love all the comments. I just focus on what’s next and what’s next after that and somehow I get through my crazy life.

    Lots of love, Lisa


    • Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! I am behind on my reading too, so no worries! I am working hard on focusing on what’s next, but the future, or the continuation of the work load is what scares me. And failure, of course, of just not being able to get it all done. But yes,, I somehow get through my crazy life too! LOL!


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