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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Sober

How did St. Patrick’s Day become all about getting wasted!? Does anyone actually know what the holiday is about? I sure didn’t know, till I got sober. (If you’re still not quite sure, you can read about it HERE.

Kiss me

I loved all drinking type holidays because it always meant that my drunk behavior, however outrageous, could very well be justified! Because why not? Everyone else was doing it! So, I had the right to get extra plastered because everyone else was, and no one would think that I had a drinking problem at all! Then the next day, everyone would be talking about what a crazy-amazing, and fun time we all had, and what a cool and fun party girl I was!

Ummm… What? That is not how it really happened!

Well…  I did however have some crazy St. Patty’s (or Paddy’s) day celebrations. It always started out like fun… green beer, Jameson whiskey and shots of Bailey’s. Parades, bar-hopping and dancing! Oh and KISSING of course! (I am not Irish, but what the heck, right!?)

Then the end was miserable.

First of all since most bars open extra early to celebrate the day, I would start drinking at 9 a.m. and be passed out somewhere by noon; not enough that I didn’t have a moderation gauge (ever), I was also lacking the pacing gauge! Once I got started I just kept going! Then I would wake up, in utter panic, not knowing where I was and how I got there. UGH. Later there was no talking and reminiscing about what a fun night that was, it was listening to “friends” laughing about how shit-faced I was and what foolish things I did! UGH again!

So if you are like me, and you can relate to this little story, and… maybe a minute ago you were just contemplating going out with your friends to celebrate St. Patty’s in the “traditional” way…


Bring back the memory of your last St. Patrick’s celebration, and play it all the way thru to the end. Chances are that this is exactly how the celebration will end, once again.

Or… You can put a good movie on, read a book, go to a meeting, call a friend, write a blog, Facebook, read blogs, have some chocolate, make some coffee, cook, bake, plant some herbs, clear out a closet, meditate, learn about something, run, walk, jump, draw, color, paint, take pictures…

and if this list is not enough check out:

100 Fun Things to Do Sober – 2016

Happy Sober St. Patrick’s Day!

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with alcohol addiction, please click the Find Support link for an extensive list of support groups. Also please check out the links to many useful resources in the sidebar, and always feel free to contact me anytime at

You may also find some great inspiration and support from all the awesome sober bloggers listed in the side bar under POSTS I LIKE and RECOVERY BLOGGERS, as well as Sober Courage page on Facebook and Sober Courage on Twitter.



  1. Last year I spent St Patrick’s in Savannah, Georgia. Great parade. We started drinking early. I was the oldest amongst my group. They were all early 20s and here am I late 30s. The next day, they all went out to see the city. There was a breakfast place I really wanted to check out cause I read about it in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. But I couldn’t get out of bed. I slept the whole day. I told them it was cause I was older. I used to be able to party like them and fuction early the next day too.
    I need to return to Savannah one day now that I am sober and find that breakfast place. So many places I need to return to cause I missed out on something while hungover.


  2. Reblogged this on Sober Courage and commented:

    When I was drinking St. Patrick’s day was one of the best days to get publicly intoxicated and blend in with all the other drunk people. Thus, it never end up being a good day… I would get lost, or vomit all over someone, or pass out somewhere strange, or get thrown out on the street. I DON’T MISS THOSE DAYS AT ALL!!

    Happy St. Patrick’s day ‪#‎sober‬!
    This is the easier way!


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