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Sober Fun Really Does Exist

Early in my sobriety, I struggled with the notion that being sober meant a life full of boredom and discomfort. It was almost impossible for me to fathom that I would actually have fun again. However, I also did not get sober to live a boring life, so from the very start, I was determined to find many new ways to have fun!


One of the many benefits of the 12-step fellowship is that many groups organize sober fun activities, like movie nights, picnics, dances, and great camping trips! For the last several years, every Memorial Day weekend we pack-up the kids and pitch a tent in the woods, along with 50+ sober/clean people and enjoy some awesome, sober fun.

Camping has always been one of my cherished childhood memories, but when I was drinking, it became the free-for-all, get wasted party without any limits! I would wake up early and start the day with lots coffee and Bailey’s, followed by some vodka and orange juice and maybe (most likely), I would chug a few beers – shotgun style. By noon, I would be drunk out and passed out! Then I would get up in the evening, and drink until I passed out again. I never left the campsite for any activities, and I really was not able to. My memory of those trips is quite fuzzy… I am not sure what I did all those camping trips except for drinking and making an ass of myself. Although, I do remember bragging to people about how much fun I had, and how I managed to be drunk the entire time. Ha! It is hard to believe that I actually considered that enjoyable.

Nevertheless, in my mind, for many years, camping was directly linked to drinking, and it was just meant to be done together. So when I first heard about this sober camping trip, I thought, oh good grief, how can you go camping and not drink? What do you do with all that time in the woods? How boring is that?

The first time we went on this sober camping trip, I was a bit apprehensive about it because I was still carrying the belief that it would be very boring without drinking. However, and to my big surprise, it ended up being lots of fun! We had no schedule to follow, got up whenever, and stayed up late. We went swimming and canoeing, and took a hike through the nature trail. We made s’mores and hotdogs on a stick. We played soccer and football, hide and-seek. We danced, we laughed, and we made many new friends. We also created many new and wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

The best part was that we spent a weekend with people like us, all trudging the happy destiny of recovery. Every night we had a meeting around the campfire and we shared our stories of our triumphs as well as our struggles as sober people. Saturday night we gathered and prepared a huge dinner to share with everyone. It was so overwhelming to see newcomers and old-timers, people from all walks of life, working together for this amazing meal and yet we were only linked to each other by one common goal – to live a sober, happy AND fun life.

My boy taking a walk, or running away!

My boy taking a walk, or running away!

The 12-step program fellowship gives me the sense of belonging. It fills my heart with hope and with gratitude that we are here, alive and sober, and most importantly, not alone. Never alone! I think that the human connection is so very important in recovery. It is one thing to read about it, and completely different thing to live it and see it growing among people. All the things that make us human – the laughs, the hugs, and even the pain – make me feel like I am not strange – I am just a garden-variety drunk, like millions of other people dealing with the disease of addiction/alcoholism.

Most importantly, all my fears of life being boring and totally lame after I quit drinking, have been absolutely squashed. I have yet to discover an event that I had more fun at while I was drinking, than while I was sober! Times like this, when I can be present and in the moment, and have a clear mind to remember everything, and not hungover and barely able to function… these are the incredible gifts of sobriety! The great memories that I create today, I also put into my sober toolbox for those not so great days, when I feel like throwing in a towel. Then I pull them out and reminisce… then I am instantly reminded exactly why I am doing all this hard work to stay sober!

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with alcohol addiction, please click the Find Support link for an extensive list of support groups. Also please check out the links to many useful resources in the sidebar, and always feel free to contact me anytime at

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  1. I haven’t been to a social event yet where no one was drinking. I really think that would really cement my decision to be sober! Yay for you! We haven’t been camping yet this season. In the past, alway copious amount of wine and vodka drinks. Can’t wait to experience it sober!

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    • The great part of this is that what I usually fear doing sober, turnes out to be way better and camping is definitely one of those. I am really finding out that now that I am sober I have had many firsts too, On a sense that they would never happen if I was still drinking, like canoeing or hiking.

      I hope you do give it a try and I’d live to hear all about it! Hugs


      • I’m late to the game with this post, but I notice you posted it on My Birthday! Woohoo! I love to camp too and now that I am sober, and have done some good camping, i realize what a better camper i am. I mean, I’m more organized, kid gets s’mores and fires with confidence, and its just a hell of a lot safer.

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  2. Awesome. I love camping (doing it right now) and used to always associate it with getting drunk. Needed 2 coolers- one for beer and one for food. Pop open a can first thing. I never bothered with coffee.

    Now I think I need a camping coffee can! I like that I am awake at 6 am, listening to birds, and not hungover. My friend, on other hand, was up to 1am drinking alone. I will let him sleep a few more hours while I enjoy my sober morning with sober blogs. 🙂

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    • Lol! Coffee was just for appearances! I had me convinced that was ok, because chugging beer first thing in the morning, was just wrong! – ha ha, I had some wacky rules!

      I love the early morning and not being hungover and being able to enjoy the quiet, and everything around smells so good! (Well, not your friend, he he!) I read your post, sounds like you’re having a good time not drinking! Very cool! Enjoy! Hugs.


  3. That sounds like so much fun but I admit that when I was drinking, it wouldn’t have sounded fun at all. I don’t know why drinking/sleeping/drinking sounded like a good idea but that’s what we did. I can’t wait to take my kids camping and actually do things! I love your pictures too. 🙂

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