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Friday Night Pep-Talk: Dealing With Drinking Cravings

You may find that Friday nights are especially challenging for you — they sure were the worst for me. In early recovery, my cravings were just crazy on Friday nights! There is just something about Fridays… the end of the workweek and the need for a reward for all the hard work done — it just always felt like celebrating and drinking, and drinking alot!

To help me survive I learned how to anticipate and plan out my Friday nights. I filled them up with things to do like a movie to watch, a book to read, a friend to hang out with, or 12-step meetings or none drinking events. This was really important for me to do, because white-knuckling it every Friday night was absolutely exhausting, and it usually set me up for a relapse! But the more occupied I was the easier it was to get through the night sober! Eventually I stopped feeling like my Friday nights were a complete dud and I found that Friday nights can be even lots of fun without drinking!

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Happy Friday yet again! Let’s talk about…

What are cravings?Cravings

Cravings are a powerful desire for something. Alcohol cravings are mostly significant in early sobriety and maybe caused by sudden drops in blood sugar levels. When we stop drinking we cut out the sugar that our bodies are used to having. In my early sobriety especially, the cravings came on very strong, and they felt absolutely overwhelming. The quickest fix for me was to eat some sweets! Another quick fix for my cravings was coffee with lots of cream and of course – sugar! I actually think that I drank coffee all day long in the beginning! LOL!

I decided do do some research and I found some really interesting and helpful information!

Coping With Cravings and Urges to Drink

publication from National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism website:

  • Craving is most often experienced early in treatment, but episodes…

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  1. I’m recently retired, but I agree….there is still something about Fridays! I remember my parents’ Happy Hours, when they switched from wine during the weekdays to spirits starting Fridays. I could practically see them relax before my eyes and sigh with pleasure after that first sip. Your idea of planning specific activities for Friday evenings is a good one.

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