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    In October of 1989, the “love of my life” got shot in a spectacular episode by a police man in New Orleans. That incident was the best excuse ever for me to seek oblivion. All my thinking about how God did not meddle in human affairs, about how the world was a hostile, warring place and that life was not worth suffering, came to its highest unbearable level. I wanted to drink so bad… but then I thought, sober: “I might as well kill myself.”

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  2. I wish I could contribute to your amazing blog and I would write a guestpost in a heartbeat (even a good one grin). But, I am “only” an ex-smoker and not an alcoholic. Drugs and alcohol, that’s some serious stuff…giving up smoking is just a gigantic pain in the behind 🙂

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    • LOL! You are too funny! Don’t they say that quitting smoking is like one of the hardest habits to give up? Why do you think i am still smoking! I mean maybe it’s not as destructive as alcohol or drugs, but it kills too, right? So woot woot for quitting! It is BIG deal!

      ps. I got you’re email, will write back soon, I think that’s a great idea! Thank you. Hugs!

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