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  1. Very powerful, so courageous to share this story, so meaningful for all of us who have been hurt by our mothers. I have only very recently been able to forgive my mother for the pain she has caused in my life, and the key was realizing that she was very simply broken…and my aunt encouraged me by reminding me often that forgiveness is for me! She was so right. I have felt so liberated since I was genuinely able to feel for my mother, feel sorry for her that she is unable to love as I am, feel as deeply as I can, admit she is wrong…that’s a sad way to live and something caused her to be that way. Forgiving her was a big part of me being able to love myself enough to get sober. I am so glad, after experiencing these monstrous things as a child, that as an adult, you’ve found the freedom in forgiveness…because you deserve to experience relief from all of that anger and sadness, to be free to love yourself and other people in your life. So many blessings to you…sending lots of love. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.


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