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Things I DON’T Miss About Drinking During The Holidays

I know that in early sobriety it’s really hard to get through all the “firsts,” especially the first sober holidays. The whole idea that we will not drink ever again may still be overwhelming and scary to you. I remember those days clearly. I just couldn’t get pass the forever part; really, forever-ever!? Yes, it is daunting but many of us have done it and so can you!


To help me get through it all, I like to look back at my life and compare my thens and nows, especially when it comes to the holiday season. Because the further away I am from my last drink, the less I remember how it used to be. But I am not immune to relapse, and I don’t believe that any one of us are. This disease is cunning and baffling indeed. I’ve seen people with all kinds of time go back out. This is why most of us believe that we are never cured, and that recovery must continue throughout our entire lives – which, in reality, is a very small price to pay for a happy and meaningful life.

And of course, even being in long-term sobriety I am not immune from craving a drink now and then. The craving is usually more of a desire to escape all the craziness, and the stress, and the demands that I put on myself trying to organize all the events, and make everyone happy. Now days, I rarely actually want to drink. But, like they say, a drink is only an arm’s length away, especially during the holidays when celebrating and drinking go together like bread and butter!

I know all those people out there may look like they are just having a blast, drinking, and partying, and celebrating. They make it look so very glamorous and enticing. But my reality was much different, and it all somehow, always, ended up being a huge nightmare!

So I think it’s good to remember how it really was, and what I DON’T miss about drinking during the holidays:

  • I don’t miss drinking alone on Christmas Day!
  • I don’t miss my holidays spent in a hangover daze.
  • I don’t miss waking up and having to throw up first thing.
  • I don’t miss blacking out and panicking about last night’s events.
  • I don’t miss having to plan everything around my drinking.
  • I don’t miss the red-eye, or the dry skin, or the cotton mouth, and having to pretend that I was sick.
  • I don’t miss smelling like booze from the night before and having to over perfume myself.
  • I don’t miss hiding, and lying about how much I drank before, or after, or during the night.
  • I don’t miss running out of booze and being angry that my friends didn’t have anymore.
  • I don’t miss not remembering plans, or being late for everything.
  • I don’t miss wrapping presents and passing out half way through.
  • And I surely don’t miss the resentment I felt towards everyone who was able to drink like a “normal” person.

I know you have many more things that you don’t miss, to add to this list, so please share in the comment section. Lets remember how it really was, and look forward to how it can be, while we build our new sober memories for this holiday season!

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  1. I don’t miss my parents drinking and then stressing and arguing with everyone about everything. It would build up about from about a week before Christmas and only end in the New Year. It has been years since that last happend but every year I am grateful that I do not have to live through that again. And of course I would stay up late and finish of Christmas drinking with either my dad and/or brother and SIL to flush it all away. 😦

    I wish for the world to have parents and kids who make better choices than that.

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    • Oh, goodness, this sounds like my childhood too. My parents would get so stressed out. My mom had to have everything absolutely perfect. I though about this, this year because I actually had a huge anxiety attack when my plans didn’t go as expected. It was a strange reminder.
      But I was sober and that’s a true gift! And things worked out just fine!

      I hope you had a wonderful Xmas and I am wishing you a great new year! Hugs.


      • 🙂 Yeah, I call it Christmas-stress. We had sushi and somebody forgot the rice and the little mat for rolling. I did not know him well. But I was so connect to another guy that I took all the things that he had forgotten (avocado, cucumber, tofu) for him without having been in contact. Felt it through the air. 🙂 That was a good sober thing.

        I’m glad that your Christmas worked out. Isn’t is cool how much less stress there is when being sober. 🙂

        A great New Year to you too.

        xx, Feeling


  2. I don’t miss waking up uncomfortable on the couch after drinking myself to sleep / pass out point. Then waking up and finishing whatever bottle I was drinking at the time and then going to bed. Having a crappy sleep and then waking up still feeling crappy.

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  3. Yes definitely! I can relate to a lot of your I Don’t Miss … List! I just suffered through the worst Christmas I think I ever had, and I was sober. But the reason it was awful is because I’m still in recovery. Still healing. Still slightly psychotic, I guess! Eek. Next year will be better. And the best part is, even though I was so unbelievably depressed and stressed just SAD, I didn’t drink. I was offered my absolute favorite wine on Christmas Eve and I didn’t drink. Champagne on Christmas Day? No thank you? Are you never going to drink again? Dunno. Haven’t decided. Not drinking today, though, thank you. I’m feeling quite happy to have made it through that and to now have 51 days. Instead of zero.

    Merry Christmas, and a Happy Sober New Year! It will be lovely to wake up on New Year’s Day without a hangover.


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    • Congrats! That is huge to make it through even though you felt depressed and sad and st and your ground. Sometimes I think my sobriety is like my security blanket and I just hold on to it for dear life, because I know that if I make it through the tough times sober, it will eventually get better! And it does. It really, really does!

      Sendig many hugs! Have a great sober new year!

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  4. I miss my memories! There were some good holiday times in there, especially when my mom was alive. And now they’re just erased. By alcohol and drugs. But I’m glad for making new, meaningful memories in sobriety.

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