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Love as a Person in Recovery

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Kelly Cordovano from Fresh Start Ministries in Central Florida, has gratuitously shared  a post that it is just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Love as a Recovering Addict — the counselor’s perspective on dating and recovery.

Thinking about having a relationship while in recovery can be a hard thing. You are just now learning how to take care of yourself, so jumping into a healthy, romantic relationship is a scary thought.

Love is a great thing, and should not be shunned if you are a recovering addict. There are ways to ensure your relationship can endure the struggles. Here are my tips as a counselor:

Love yourself first

Your recovery should always be your number one priority. For this reason, you should not date anyone during the first year of your rehab program.

It is important to remember that post-rehab dating can cause stress and pressure, which can ultimately lead to relapse. It all depends on how the brain reacts. Make sure you have other sources of support to help cope in the event the relationship does not work out.

Surround yourself with people that will lift you up

If your significant other is not taking your rehab seriously and promotes going back to your old ways, you should cut ties. Do not spend time around someone who is not helping you get better. As stated before, your recovery should always be the top priority. If your significant other really cares about you, they would not deter you from your goals.

Do not trade one addiction for another

The emotional intensity of a relationship can create a sense of fulfillment on its own. Always keep in mind that your partner is not there to replace your addiction. They are a support system, and you should be appreciative of them.

It is also important to think of the person you are dating. You have to let them remain their own person. Someone who is dating an addict may begin to dedicate his or her life to the addict’s well-being. While it is important to remain supportive, it is just as important to let them continue living their life.

If you have questions or need more information on dating in recovery, please visit us at

Kelly Cordovano is co-director of Fresh Start Ministries, a men’s rehabilitation center located in Central Florida. Along with her husband Joe, Kelly works with men who have taken the step to reach sobriety. With over 25 years of rehab teaching under her belt, she has seen people from all walks of life and is well versed in the experiences had by clients.

Fresh Start Ministries


Located in Orlando, Fla., Fresh Start Ministries of Central Florida, Inc. is a year-long, residential, faith-based substance abuse program for men. It provides affordable residential treatment for men recovering from life controlling problems, most typically substance abuse, through provision of transitional housing and comprehensive educational and support services. You can find more information by visiting:




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