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Why Feelings Are Not Always Facts

Looks like I am taking another week off, but I wanted to share this blog post with you! I have lots going on right now, and it is a real good reminder that feelings constantly change, and develop, and come and go! They are often fleeting yet feel intense and overpowering. But they are not always the reality.

I heard this saying:

Never make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings.

I have been repeating it daily. The power of it has hit me to the core – I have always had almost a knee-jerk reaction to everything in life. When I was drinking, the knee-jerk reaction was to get trashed. Now it’s other things like eating, smoking, isolating. But I know that if I stop and let some time pass, my perception will change and so will my feelings.

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Sober Courage

But aren’t they? I always thought that feelings were facts, because they felt real. I mean isn’t love a fact? Or anger? Or happiness or joy? I think so! But then I discovered that I had many feelings that were really negative and I believed them all to be true.


I have learned that although feelings feel real, most feelings are based on fear, fear based on our old ideas, fear based on things we believed for years and carried them in from previous experiences. I believed that I was a lousy human being because I was often told so as a child. Because I believed this, I felt like a lousy human being. This feeling was very real but it was not a fact at all! The fact was that the person saying this to me was trying to hurt me and the fact was that I was…

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