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Sober Moms: Explaining Drinking to My Daughter

Talking to our kids about drinking, and alcohol use and abuse can be a daunting task. We all know that as our children approach adolescence, their friends will exert more influence than ever over what they may or may not know. However, I truly believe that our kids will listen if presented with the information before their peers get to them. Study after study shows that even during the teen years, parents have a huge influence on their children’s behavior. (Source: NAADAC

Here is the post I wrote about the discussion I had with my daughter:

Sober Courage

QuestionAs you may have imagined there were many more questions that my daughter had about alcoholism and recovery after our initial conversation a few weeks ago. (You can read about it in my last Sober Moms post: Talking About Recovery.) At the end of that conversation, I did let her know that whenever she had any more questions, about anything, that she could most definitely come and ask me.

I have also shared this experience with the moms in my sober circles. It has also brought up interesting conversations and many questions from the moms. The main question that everyone seemed to have, was why? Why did I choose to tell my daughter about my alcoholism and recovery? Is she not too young? (She is 11) Was I worried that she would be telling her friends, or the neighbors, or someone who would make it into a gossip? Was…

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  1. Brilliant! I have always believed that being honest with kids is the best course. You just have to tailor the conversation to fit the age. They are way more wise than we believe.


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