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Preparing for a Sober Vacation

—Another fantasy that I often had, was that I went to the beach for the amazing views, and the great accommodation, and of course, I was going for the much-needed rest. Nope! None of the above! I just went to drink somewhere else other than my couch! — yep that’s how it used to be…

The vacation season is upon us once again! It was really good for me to re-read this post and put my mind in a good perspective.

I found vacations to be difficult in early sobriety and even a few years after. But like anything new, I had to learn again how to have fun and take care of myself during this time. I hope you find this post helpful too.

Sober Courage

Beach!!! Just the word brings a smile to my face! But in early recovery, going on a beach vacation, and remaining sober was yet another challenge, because in my mind beach = drinking. Every year, before our vacation I prepared myself for the worst, as I imagined being sober and bored, while all the other people, all around me, were having a blast and drinking to their heart’s content!!


I have come to the stark realization that this was not the reality! It was only in my mind, because back when I was drinking that’s what days at the beach were all about for me!

I had always romanticized my drinking at the beach. I had often fantasized about how glamorous and sophisticated I was, and how I drank like a lady while sitting at a fancy bar overlooking the ocean. Yeah, right! I have to remember the reality; there…

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  1. I went to the beach on Australia Day once (a public holiday for us in the middle of summer where the entire nation pretty much gets shit faced). I drank a whole bottle of champagne by 10 in the morning then went home to bed with a filthy headache. I’d arranged to meet a friend for lunch and went but had to leave because of my head ache. How glamorous is that? It would be a few years before I decided to stop drinking and , as you say, stop romanticising those drinks on the beach.

    Meanwhile, I need a beach holiday! It’s freeeeeeeezing in Sydney!

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    • Oh man, I did that on St Patrick’s Day here (the Irish holiday) except I passed out at the bar by 10a and woke up in the afternoon in my car in from of the bar. Yep. Not pretty. I really don’t k,ow where the romanticizing comes from. I never drank like that. Lol.

      Hope you get to the beach soon! Sending hugs.

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  2. The only thing that made going to the beach tolerable to me was either drinking before or drinking after. I’m not keen on the water, sand, heat…really, the whole experience, really, but it was ok if I had alcohol in my system. My family and I live about twenty minutes from the beach, so I’m sure we’ll be going soon enough. I’ll just be doing it sober this time.

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    • I didn’t really like the beach when I was drinking either. I just went because it sounded cool. Lol. And there was lots of drinking so I felt ok with the amounts I drank – no one knew I drank like that all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to be #sober at the beach, people do drink lots and all around. But I actually enjoy it now.

      Hey, stop by and let us know how your sober beach trip went! 😀


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