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3 Fascinating Things I Learned On My Sober Vacation


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Vacations are meant for excesses, right? More, more, more. I do not have to be in active addiction to want it all, and all of the time! I want to eat all the food until I can hardly move, I want to see all the sights until I am not able to walk, and I want to play at the beach until the sea water has stripped all the moisture from my hair and my skin looks like it has been marinated. (OMG, did I not just write a post about moderation? Yep, I am no good at it!)

Apparently, now that I am sober, most of all I want to have MORE fun – BIGGER fun – CRAZIER fun! MUST. HAVE. FUN. Truly… I do not feel that I have had a good vacation until I am absolutely exhausted and had so many adventures that I cannot even remember then all! Why do I try to fit every freaking thing into one little week, is absolutely beyond me!

Consequently, this year I truly worked on slowing it all down because a vacation is not a race or a competition. (That is still debatable though! LOL!) I mean vacations are really meant for relaxing and enjoying the time off work, and the normal daily duties and for getting much needed rest! In addition, I think I have been getting tired of all the running around myself!


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Here are the three fascinating things that I have learned on my sober vacation:

1. Less is most definitely more!

It really is. What a revelation! LOL! No, I actually, knew this all along but eh, it just did not quite feel right, because I am used to doing it all to the limits, and even pass the limits when I can! Not doing things to excess just does not feel right and I feel all fidgety. However, I had to endure this fidgety feeling when in the middle of the day my kids clonked out, and fell asleep. OMG, who does that, this is a vacation for goodness sake! As I sat on the couch wondering how long they will be sleeping, and will we have enough time to go back to the beach, and then go out to dinner, and then go window shopping… I looked over and my husband was snoring in the recliner. Wow. What the heck is happening here! Quitters! (LOL!)

I sat there, all fidgety and in disbelief. Sleep, who needs sleep, we can do that when we are dead! LOL! Well, what do I do now, I thought? I suppose if I cannot fight them, I might as well join them! And guess what, I did! And that was the best nap ever! In addition, even though we did not go out to eat, or window shop, we all were well rested, and that my friends puts everyone in a super good mood!

2. Seriously, not everyone is drinking and getting wasted at the beach!

Yep, once again I scoped the beach and the pool for some massive, way out of control drinking parties, but with great disappointment, I did not find any. There were some drinkers, but really they were more like sippers! LOL! Now granted we were at a family resort, and at a beach that we love because it is not the “hot spot of the year,” so maybe there was a bit less of drinking in general, or not. But I think this again, is one of those times that I think this way because I used to get wasted at the beach, and I used to think that everyone else did too! The reality is that most people do not get wasted at the beach!

However, I did notice a man drinking early midday at the pool. When we went to the beach later that day, he was there too, still drinking, and a bit rowdy at this point. I think he was singing old war songs and randomly yelling things out. Whenever I see people indulge like this, I take it as a “God” shot, because this was definitely me at one point, and this could also still be me today, and it could also be me in the future! Then I send a prayer…


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3. Coffee makes the world go round!

There really is no explanation needed for this one, is there? Coffee is the bomb. Seriously. One of the biggest reasons why we love our vacation spot is because it has a coffee machine that is on 24/7! How awesome is that! Furthermore, this delightful coffee machine had provided for some very cool gatherings and meetings with people from all over the US. If you are an extrovert like me, and make friends wherever you go, there is nothing more that I enjoy than talking to strangers – yes, I even do this in sobriety! Who knew that was always me!

I hope that you enjoyed my three fascinating things! On the final note, I had also given up on trying to take “nice” family photos since it had become increasingly harder to get everyone to stand still, and together, and looking in the same direction, and possibly smiling!!! So here is just a few of these beauties! (I actually love them!)

Have you been on a sober vacation yet? How was it? Did you try to fit as much as possible in to each day?

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  1. Reblogged this on SoberCoach1 and commented:

    I can really relate to this post since getting sober, particularly the comment on coffee:) Timely read with so many on vacation this summer. enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reblogged this on SoberCoach1 and commented:

    I can really relate to this post since getting sober, particularly the comment on coffee:) Timely read with so many on vacation this summer. enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This brilliant! and just the motivation I needed. I’m planning a holiday in November and at one time, the thought of a sobercation filled me with dread. This time around, even though I’m newly sober, I’m actually looking forward to a sober holiday sans booze, Who would have thunk it?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL! I know what you mean – #sober vacation? Say whut? Your kidding right?

      I can’t lie and say that it was was easy the first few times – I felt like I was missing out on something. BUT. It was sooo much better than being drunk > hungover > drunk > hungover… the entire time. And I got to do so much. Like actually see the place I am vacationing at! What a revelation! He he!

      Happy planning and I hope you come back and tell us all about it. 😃


      • I know ridiculous right? saving up all this money and annual leave to go on a holiday and then spend it in a haze of booze, not really experiencing another country as you should – wide eyed and alert. The silliness of it. I’ll let you know about Vietnam, promise

        Hugs x

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  4. I completely did and still do try to do too much. Somehow I am worried that everyone else might miss out on things.
    But my husband and kids are used to me now and just say no. They love down time. And do do I.
    Do once I get the tone it down things usually settle into comfort.
    I don’t have anything to prove to anyone anymore. I only need to make myself happy and be a good sport.
    Life is good.


  5. I’m taking a “staycation” July 27-31st and I can’t wait. Just being able to sleep in past 4:45 a.m. will be amazing. I have activities planned for a couple of days but I am going to use most of my time off to unwind and re-charge the batteries. And Magz…gotta tell ya — there is nothing I love more than a good nap!

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