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Sober Moms: From Despair to Motherhood

SoberCourage_399 My daughter just turned 12 years old and I cannot help but feel absolutely filled with gratitude. You see, there was a time that I thought I would never be able to be her mom, or see her growing into this amazing young person that she has become.

When I was newly sober, no one told me how exactly my life was going to change, so the future seemed absolutely terrifying! I actually thought that most things would not change, that I would always be the temporary parent, that my ex would always have full custody and that my daughter would be growing up without a mom.

All of that has changed now!

From the Sober Courage vault, here is last year’s post about my journey to motherhood:

Sober Moms: From Despair to Motherhood

Sober Courage

Eleven years ago, today, I gave birth to a beautiful, little girl! I remember that day just like it was yesterday, as any first time mom does! I was filled with mixed emotions of excitement and anticipation. And fear. But I was full of hope! Yet, I had no idea that my life would change so dramatically after that day. It is a true miracle that I am still a part of my daughter’s life!

Back then, I was single and living with my daughter’s father, basically out of convenience, because he actually wanted to be a part of his child’s life, which was promising. Nevertheless, it was an uncertain time, and my future looked bleak since we didn’t really get along. I quit drinking and smoking on the day I found out that I was pregnant, and I stayed sober and smoke free during my entire pregnancy. To this…

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  1. Good stuff here. Our girls are the same age. I hung on every word. For all the ups and downs of parenting teens, I cannot image doing it drunk or hungover. WE are here for our little ones. What a gift. ♥ Thanks for the friendship.

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    • Oh how cool, you have a preteen too! crazy isn’t it! And yes, what a gift, even though sometimes I am just pulling my hair! LOL!

      But I am there for her, and you know it’s quite healing because i am there for her like I always wished my parents were, and somehow it heals my inner child. Strange how that has worked out.

      Thanks Lisa! Sending big hugs!

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