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Sober Courage Year In Review – 2015

It has been a very exciting year for Sober Courage and myself! Through the online blogging community I was able to meet many awesome recovery warriors this year.

I was able to guest on  KLĒN + SŌBR pod and That Sober Guy pod, you can check them out HERE and HERE.

I was also interviewed by the wonderful Veronica Valli for her awesome website –  you can read my interview with Veronica HERE. And check out my READER SPOTLIGHT: How I Got Sober: Magz on the After Party Magazine site.


I had the pleasure of watching Laura Silverman of The Sobriety Collective (@wearesober), rappel from 12 stories building to raise funds for an awesome cause with the ShatterProof (@ShatterproofHQ) organization whose mission is to protect our children from addiction to alcohol or other drugs, and end the stigma and suffering of those affected by this disease.

Sober Courage blog also made it onto the The 20 Best Recovery Blogs 2015 list compiled by The After Party Magazine. Whoop Whoop!! Please check out all the awesome bloggers!

The biggest highlight of the year was the Unite to Face Addiction rally in October!! Check out this post, The Powerful Voices of Unite to Face Addiction Rally, for a recap of this amazing event, and links to other awesome bloggers, advocates, and government officials that are working tirelessly, every day to break the stigma associated with addiction/alcoholism.

Also check out this very heartfelt video from Soberlink from the rally and my short appearance (at 21 sec) with the awesome Jo Black Sullivan (advocate/activist). How cool is this! See it HERE.


NONE of this  would have been possible with out all of you, amazing, awesome, loving, caring, funny, and courageous people that I have found in the recovery community!


Here are your favorite Sober Courage posts of 2015:

January: In the Midst of Addiction There is a Moment of Clarity

“No amount of moderation could ever change the fact that I was addicted to alcohol. No amount of willpower could keep me safe! No child, no job, no success, and no failure! No sun or rain! No good mood or bad! It did not matter. I was still an alcoholic despite all of the circumstance in my life.”

February: Are You Thinking About Getting Sober?

“Today is the day you can make a decision to get sober! Today can be your start! It only takes one decision and one day. Stop thinking about yesterday and pondering the tomorrow, and make the change today! Make the decision now. YOUR future is in your hands! YOU CAN DO THIS!”

March: 10 Simple Ways to Deal with Alcohol Cravings

“Craving alcohol can occur without any withdrawal symptoms, especially if strong reminders encourage the memory of the pleasurable effects of alcohol or drinking. This is a part of the disease; our body and mind will only remember the good times. We often totally fail to remember any of the destructive parts of our drinking.”

April: How Roger Ebert Explained the Most Common Myths about AA

“The problem with making resolutions is that you’re sober when you make the first one, have had a drink when you make the second one, and so on. I’ve also heard, You take the first drink. The second drink takes itself. That was my problem.”

May: 15 Things You Learn In Your First Month Sober

“The very first month of sobriety is often filled with many changes, some very pleasant and some not so much. The good news is that it gets better and you really start seeing all the positive aspects of quitting drinking! What helped me the most was to break down my days into smaller increments – sometimes minutes, sometimes hours, but no more than 24 hours at a time.”

June: My Relapse Years, by Sarah Hepola

“I had been trying to quit for months at that point. No wait: I’d been trying to quit for years. I would wake up on a Sunday, all cringes and stabbing pain, and I’d swear off the stuff only to crawl back on my belly in three days, maybe four. This time I’d made a formal effort, though.”

July: “Because guess what? Me too.” by Anne Lamott

“And against all odds, I picked up the 200 pound phone, and called the same sober alkie that my older brother had called two years earlier, when he had hit his coked-out bottom. The man, a Jack Lemmon type, said, “I will come get you at 11:30. Take a shower, and try not to drink till then. The shower is optional.”

August: Why Relapse Does Not Mean Failure

“Studies suggest that approximately half of all individuals who try to get clean/sober return to heavy use, and short-term remission rates are between 20 and 50%. In other words, not many people say “I want to quit,” put down the bottle, walk into a rehab or a 12-step meeting, and never use drugs or alcohol again.”

September: Friday Night Pep-Talk: Recovery Podcasts and Music Radio

“Recovery radio and podcast shows on the web. They are easy to listen too at any time, and get your mind engaged in something other than thinking about drinking! Most of all I get to listen to people from all walks of life sharing their experience, strength and hope, as well as enjoy some really cool music!”

October: Sometimes You Might Miss Your Drinking Life

“But recovery has taught me that getting sober and staying sober are two different things. Both require work, and practicing not drinking even if we want to. Staying sober involves changing myself so I am healthy mentally and emotionally. It may be a slow process in general, but the results are wonderful and allow me to be happy and free.”

November: Are We Really Powerless Over Our Addictions?

“But there were many more times when I made decisions about how I was going to drink, and what actually happened after I drank was not even close to what I had planned to do!”

December: “I Want the Ability to Drink and Have Control Over My Life!”

“For many of us there is no such thing as drinking safely, and although it may be a hard reality to accept, it turns out that giving up alcohol is really a gift rather than the end of all fun.”

Your all time favorite post: Friday Night Pep-Talk: 100 Fun Things To Do Sober

***I am re-writing the 100 Fun Things to Do Sober for 2016 – look for it in January!

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with alcohol addiction, please click the Find Recovery Support link for an extensive list of support groups. Also please check out the links to many useful resources in the sidebar, and always feel free to contact me anytime at

You may also find some great inspiration and support from all the awesome sober bloggers listed in the side bar under POSTS I LIKE and RECOVERY BLOGGERS, as well as Sober Courage page on Facebook and Sober Courage on Twitter.



  1. Hello and Happy Holidays! You know I only found this blog by chance a year and a half ago now when I sobered up, or maybe it wasn’t by chance? Either way, lucky me! You are an inspiration for the recovery community here in Canada, the United States and around the world. Congratulations on the recognitions you’ve deservingly received this year. I know I’m a little better today by stopping in here on a regular basis. Thank You!

    Sober Dave,

    Liked by 1 person

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