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  1. Excellent blog. What a journey! Thank you for the courage to talk so openly. My husband hit that rock bottom place this past December. I am praying we are crawling slowly out of that pit.

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    • I’m happy to hear your husband is no longer in that darkest of places. It is a crawl, at least line was. One of the things a brief story like this can’t do is convey the agonizing trials of early sobriety, which, for me, there were many. Thank you for reading. Just knowing it may help you or your husband fills me with happiness.

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      • My husband is sober for 31 years now and I must say I learned so much from his sobriety about life. I will forever be greatful for that. He was 5 years sober when we got married, but we were not free form the sting of alcoholism when we lost our eldest son three years ago to drunk driving. Anyway that gives me more reason to do something about this kind of disease many is affected one way or the other. Let us all keep spreading the promises and the hopes of recovery, there are millions of lost in our midst. And it is only by giving it away that we keep what we’ve got.

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  2. This sounds so much like me…work hard, play hard. If I can be super successful and put on the front that I have it all together, everything will be fine…I’m learning in my sobriety that there are many things I haven’t dealt with or learned about life because I was covering up my thoughts and emotions with alcohol. If only I could have realized sooner I may have saved myself so much time and embarrassment. But I’m happy to be finally moving forward. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Another fabulous share, Mark. I can relate to a lot of this for sure. The keg thing made me laugh. Great metaphor for how we used to see alcohol…our only lifeline.
    Congrats and great job. Thank Magz for this.

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