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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Sober

When I was drinking St. Patrick’s day was one of the best days to get publicly intoxicated and blend in with all the other drunk people. Thus, it never end up being a good day… I would get lost, or vomit all over someone, or pass out somewhere strange, or get thrown out on the street. I DON’T MISS THOSE DAYS AT ALL!!

Happy St. Patrick’s day ‪#‎sober‬!
This is the easier way!

Sober Courage

How did St. Patrick’s Day become all about getting wasted!? Does anyone actually know what the holiday is about? I sure didn’t know, till I got sober. (If you’re still not quite sure, you can read about it HERE.

Kiss me

I loved all drinking type holidays because it always meant that my drunk behavior, however outrageous, could very well be justified! Yes! I had a right to get extra plastered because everyone else was, and no one would think that I had a drinking problem! And then the next day, everyone would be talking about what a crazy-amazing, and fun time we had, and what a cool party girl I was!

Ummm… What? That’s not how it ever happened!

Well… did I however have some crazy St. Patty’s (or Paddy’s) day celebrations. It always started out like fun… green beer, Jameson whiskey and shots of Bailey’s. Parades, bar-hopping and dancing!…

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