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I Survived “Everything” – SC Podcast EP_07

Yes! I Survived Everything!

On this episode I start out talking about making the living amends with my step-mom during the last months of her life, and how painful yet incredibly healing it was to go through that process.

I also discuss our Mother’s day drama and using my favorite recovery tool to survive it, as well as surviving and even finding something to be happy about at our last meeting with the school. I also take some time to vent a little about taking my ex to the Hospital ER, and I finish off with a little funny story about how I lost my shit at the playground.

I hope that you really enjoy this episode, and please be sure to check out all the other great podcasts on the SRN Network.



Buzzkill Pod – Buzzkill is a recovery podcast that deals with life with alcoholism and addiction in general. Funny at time, serious at times, it’s life through the lens of recovery.

Never Was a Cornflake Girl – SC Podcast EP_05 – on this episode I talk about my sons ADHD and numerous meetings with the school.

We Are Finally Talking About Parenting – SC Podcast EP_04 – on this episode I talk about my daughter and her dad.



Everything – Nine Inch Nails

I survived everything
I have tried everything
Everything everything
And anything

All the walls begin to dissolve away
Do your hands begin to shake, shake, shake, shake, shake?
And just do what you think you used to be
All begins to bend then break, break, break, break

Wave goodbye
Wish me well
I’ve become
Something else
Something else, something else
It’s just the world

But this thing that lives inside of me
The sound that rocks awake, awake, awake, awake, break
And if he depletes what’s owed to me
And he comes to grab and take and take and take

I am whole
I believe
I am whole
I am free
I am whole
I can see
Always here
I am whole
I believe
I am whole
I am free


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