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Friday Night Pep-Talk: 5 Tips To Help You Stay Sober


TGIF! Today’s Friday and that seems to be a lot of people all around the world’s favorite day. It’s the end of the work week and a payday for many. And the local bars will be packed for Happy Hour. Happy Hour!? OMG!

You may find that Fridays are especially challenging for you — they certainly were for me! Something about Fridays, it just always felt like celebrating and drinking – drinking lots! My cravings were just crazy! And then the voice would start talking and enticing.

This is what my voice used to say:

Maybe just one, one can’t hurt, nothing will happen of I just have one.. I deserve it… I should because it is Friday… everyone else is drinking why can’t I… I am bored… Life sucks… I should have a drink…

BUT, DON’T YOU GIVE IN! Remember the reality. What was your last drunk like?

Don’t listen to that voice! Despite everything you already know in your bones to be true about your drinking that damn voice is telling you that giving in would be easier and you can once again have fun. But you know that if you were to look objectively at the sum of your drinking Fridays, things were not so much fun, now were they?

5 Tips To Help You Stay Sober:

  1. Get rid of all the alcohol in your home, if you haven’t already. Even if you have an expensive bottle of scotch or a fancy bottle of Cabernet, it won’t do you any good — ever. If you feel guilty about throwing nice alcohol away, give it to your friends or family.
  2. Avoid events that will be alcohol-heavy. This means weddings, concerts, birthday parties, and any other raucous affairs. Though you may be able to attend these without being tempted one day, if you’re struggling to stay sober, don’t make it harder for yourself and just skip it.
  3. Ask friends who tend to drink alcohol often to tone down their drinking while in your company. If they refuse, you may not want to spend time with them while they drink. The less you are around alcohol, the less you will be tempted to break your resolve.
  4. Anticipate and plan your Friday’s accordingly. Fill them up with things to do, a movie to watch, a book to read, a friend to hang out with. This is really important, white-knuckling it is absolutely exhausting! Instead find ways to celebrate the end of the week without alcohol! Check out the many great suggestions here: 100 Fun Things to Do Sober
  5. Get involved in a support program. For most people this is going to mean 12-step meetings, but it might also mean things like attending an outpatient therapy group, or seeing a counselor on a regular basis.  The more time you spend with people who are also trying to stay sober  the better your chances of staying sober.


Remember that you have never been able to “just have a glass of wine or one beer ” — not ever. You and alcohol do not mix. Why risk everything you’ve worked so hard for? Drinking is a slippery slope. Soon one glass of wine will turn into a few glasses, which will turn into…what happened last night?

Don’t give in to that addictive voice, the one that will find any excuse to drink, to celebrate, to wallow in pity, to sway one towards drinking to oblivion. Instead challenge your thoughts and any obsession or compulsion to pick up, and say hell NO!

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If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder, please check out the Sober Courage menu at the top of this page for an extensive list of support groups and recovery related articles. You may also find some great inspiration, support and resources at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Hey, Maggie, I just had to tell youthat I love your positive outlook. And also that since listening to your podcaast, every time I see something you’ve written, I hear it in my head in YOUR VOICE! Which makes me giggle a little bit because I like your accent and it makes me smile. 😀

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