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Friday Night Pep-Talk: Sober Weekends


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TGIF! Today is yet another Friday and the end of the work week as well as a payday for many. The local bars will be packed for Happy Hour soon and people will be getting ready to unwind! But wait, there is also a Saturday and a Sunday to get through!

You may find that the weekends are especially challenging for you — they certainly were for me! Something about Fridays and the weekend, it just always felt like celebrating and drinking – and I mean drinking alot! My cravings were just crazy in my early days, and soon the voice would start talking… and enticing…

But do not listen to that voice! Despite everything you already know in your bones to be true about your drinking that damn voice is telling you that giving in would be easier and you can once again have fun. But you know that if you were to look objectively at the sum of your drinking Fridays or weekends, things were not so much fun, now were they?

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But alcohol is everywhere AND the idea that you are boring and lame if you don’t drink is totally ingrained in our minds! But this thinking is very FALSE. Living sober can be way more fun! Trust me! I sure didn’t get sober to live a boring life! Now if you ask me, going against these stereotype ideas to find a better life in sobriety sure takes some real courage! Sober Courage!

To help you through the difficult first sober weeks:

  • Get rid of all the alcohol in your home, if you haven’t already. Even if you have an expensive bottle of scotch or a fancy bottle of Cabernet, it won’t do you any good — ever. If you feel guilty about throwing nice alcohol away, give it to your friends or family.
  • Avoid events that will be alcohol-heavy. This means weddings, concerts, 30th birthday parties, and any other raucous affairs. Though you may be able to attend these without being tempted one day, if you’re struggling to stay sober, don’t make it harder for yourself.
  • Be aware of your “self talk” … those little statements you say to yourself a thousand times a day. Maybe no one else hears what you say to yourself, but YOU do. Constantly remind yourself WHY you no longer drink alcohol, and how HEALTHY you are feeling, and how BRIGHT of a future you have now that you are doing something about your alcohol problem.
  • Take care of the rest of your health with exercise, a healthy diet, and plenty of sleep.l When your body ia in good shape and you are feeling good physically you will also have less cravings.
  • Ask friends who tend to drink alcohol often to tone down their drinking while in your company. If they refuse, you may not want to spend time with them while they drink. The less you are around alcohol, the less you will be tempted to break your resolve.
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Anticipate and plan your weekends accordingly. Fill them up with things to do, a movie to watch, a book to read, a friend to hang out with. This is really important, white-knuckling it is absolutely exhausting! Instead find ways to celebrate the end of the week without alcohol!

I would greatly encourage you to get involved in a support groups. For most people this is going to mean 12 step meetings, but it might also mean things like attending an outpatient therapy group, or seeing a counselor on a regular basis.  The more “plugged in” to these support systems the person is, the better their chances of staying clean in the long run.

Check out the 10 Simple Ways to Deal with Alcohol Cravings for tips on dealing with cravings.

Also check out this post 100 Fun Things to Do Sober for some fun ideas to fill your time with.

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  1. This is amazing. It’s hard to follow the simple advise in the beginning yet it’s so important. Meetings, a support system,healthy self talk and boundaries have gotten me this far. 🙂

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