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You Tried to Break Me

a poem
by Magz Shores


you tried to break me

everything you once loved about me

now you hate me

you couldn’t handle my power

so you shrank in your sour

you kept me submerged

to feed your own rage

your lies

your despise


that was it

the bomb that blew

who knew?

I  k n e w

I tried to keep it together

despite the hurricane weather

I worked harder

loved stronger

forgave faster

just to avoid this disaster

you chipping away at my flaws

wondering then who I was

I sat in your lies

believed that I could be despised

what if I am who you say I am?

no one with no name



used up

fuck up

is that me?

I broke

and fell apart

I could not stand up

flat on my face broke to pieces

filled with pain and shame and blame

where did I go?

lost and confused

and feeling so used

is that me?

the anger the tears and all of my fears

fought the fight with all my might

I raised up

I stood up

I was fed up

pumped my fist up


sat in my silent place

looking to find my space

my footing unstable

not sure if I am able

to start a new fable

but something inside me

came to find me

the power the strength

resilience and pain

it grew like a vine

not stopping for time

it took over my soul

and fed my god size hole


I prayed


I prayed


one day






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