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50 Fun Things To Do Sober

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Having fun in sobriety can be a whole new learning process. Like a toddler learning to walk, being sober means relearning everything we thought we once only knew how to do while drinking.

In early recovery especially, we tend to find ourselves consumed by this great big fear that once we quit drinking, our life will become horribly boring! I have to be honest here, and say that in the beginning, life will definitely seem a bit boring. After all, we were used to doing everything with a drink in hand, so it is no coincidence that we tend to associated all the fun activities with drinking. Then we get sober and take away the drinking, and all of a sudden it seems that all the fun is gone too!

Welcome to the 50 Fun Things To do Sober! Hope you find it helpful!

  1. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers and before long you will find out that you are an expert in something and begin getting great feedback from your suggestions.
  2. Are you left brained or right-brained? Take some fun quizzes Here.
  3. Check out the Hello My Name Is… site, where the artist, Douglas Lail, creates wonderful portraits of people in recovery.
  4. Check out That Sober Guy Podcast: Alcoholism, addiction, quit drinking, stop using drugs, and start living.
  5. Copy all your CDs to mp3 files so you can sync them to your phone! Here is a how to: Rip music from a CD.
  6. Create a physical mood board. Collect inspiring images, magazine clippings, motivational quotes or fabrics – anything that helps you visualize your dreams, decorating scheme or signature look.
  7. Create your very own wiki page at wikiPedia about something that you know a lot about.
  8. Document your daily life with photographs. Even a dull day becomes fascinating when you’re trying to spot the beauty in everyday moments.
  9. Find a series you never watched before but wanted to. Or revisit a series you loved. Get Netflix!
  10. Follow the adventures of a Sober Senorita as I live la vida loca (but sober). Receive inspiration, life changing tips, resources and my experiences in sober life.
  11. Go for a long bike ride on a bike trail or through the woods, or the city.
  12. Go to the zoo! It is free and the animals are so cute, they are bound to help you fell good good any day!
  13. Have you ever wanted to design your dream home? You now can at HomeStyler!
  14. If you love to read books, than you probably would love to write some reviews at Goodreads.
  15. Laura McKowen and Holly Whitaker takes up the big questions of life through the lens of addiction recovery at HOME Podcast.
  16. Learn how to make something or anything at the wikiHow website.
  17. Learn how to sew with the help of Craftsy and Sewing for the Beginners.
  18. Learn origami with this tutorial at Origami-Instruction. You really can make some pretty cool stuff out of paper!
  19. Listen to amazing recovery podcast, at Bubble Hour and get some new recovery tools!
  20. Make Fruit Leather – aka Fruit Roll-Up. See this easy recipe at Simply Recipes.
  21. Make homemade ice cream, there are many great recipes at
  22. Make some money by selling your stuff online, you can use eBay or CraigsList.
  23. Make yourself a Photo Wall (Or a Collage) photo-collage. You can find some inspiration HERE.
  24. Maybe you are a money guru, there is a website full of investment classes just for you, here: 158 Free Investment Classes From Morningstar!
  25. Meditate! There are many ways to do this and you don’t have to be an expert either. Check the How to Meditate site.
  26. Need more recovery inspiration? Read these amazing stories of recovery from people who are not anonymous, at
  27. Paint a room! You can use this Room Visualizer to get some good ideas.
  28. Pamper yourself with a facial. Here are some homemade recipes:
  29. Pick something you love, and then make a website about it! Get started at Webs.
  30. Play some fun mind games and sharpen your memory at
  31. Pretend to have a fashion show and try on ALL the clothes in your closet.
  32. Read the dictionary at the Merriam-Webster site. You will be surprised what great words you can find.
  33. Research your ancestors at, they have a 14 day free trail.
  34. Re-watch a cartoon from your youth. Check out these classics right on YouTube.
  35. Shopping! Of course who doesn’t like going shopping! You can find practically anything at Amazon, and pretty cheap!
  36. Start a garden, indoor or out! Here is a how-to at the BHG site.
  37. Start a gratitude board! Go to the dollar store and buy a board that you can write on or pin things to and start filling it up every day! Grateful people have no reasons to drink!
  38. Mandalas coloring books can help ease stress. There are many great apps for your phone at the Google Play Store.
  39. Start writing your autobiography! Find out how HERE.
  40. Take an art class at the local community center. Many are at a very low cost or free.
  41. Take interactive online music & art lessons from 26 world-renowned teachers at
  42. Take up knitting and check out these awesome ideas at I love Knitting.
  43. Visit Laura at The Sobriety Collective and read the Recovery Profiles
  44. Visit my great friend Paul at his Buzzkill podcast and the Buzzkill website!
  45. Volunteer at an animal shelter; they are often looking for people just to pet the animals.
  46. Want to design a car? You can go to your favorite car make’s sites and build the car of your dreams. Check out the Aston Martin site!
  47. Watch an old “feel good” movie. You can find an extensive list HERE!
  48. Watch TEDTalks – “1900+ talks to stir your curiosity”
  49. Write a letter (remember those?) to someone you miss, or someone who is no longer in your life. This is a very good way to process things that may be still heavy on your heart.
  50. Write your bucket list, check out the 100 ideas at Bucket List Ideas.

*** If you have any fun sober ideas to add to this list, please leave a comment! Thank you!

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD)*, please check out the Sober Courage menu at the top of this page for an extensive list of support groups and recovery related articles.

Connect with Sober Courage on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

*Problem drinking that becomes severe is given the medical diagnosis of “alcohol use disorder” or AUD. AUD is a chronic relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive alcohol use, loss of control over alcohol intake, and a negative emotional state when not using (Ref: NIAAA).



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