50 Things To Do Sober

Boredom is sometimes a part of life, but it can be dangerous for someone newly sober. People who are early in recovery find themselves with more time on their hands, time that used to be spent acquiring, using, or recovering from alcohol. Oftentimes people move away from healthier habits when they are actively drinking, and it can be difficult to reestablish those habits in early recovery. 

Boredom Can Be a Trigger in Early Recovery

Boredom can bring unpleasant feelings of restlessness, irritation, and low self-esteem. It is uncomfortable, but it is also an essential part of the recovery process and is a necessary stage of healing from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Learning to sit with difficult feelings is a practice that will come more easily the longer you’re sober, and creating healthy distractions is an important aspect of healing.

Is There Fun in Sobriety?

It’s common to believe that there is no possible way that life can be fun without alcohol or drugs, but this is dysfunctional thinking that is actually part of the process of denial.  These old unhealthy thinking patterns take time to break and put you at greater risk for relapse. For this reason, creating healthy (and fun!) habits and behaviors is essential to success in early recovery.

Photo by Dennis Magati on Pexels.com

Here ARE 50 ideas to help you have fun in Sobriety!

  1. Start a blog at WordPress.com and join the sober bloggers community.
  2. Join a support group. Here is a list of some of the popular recovery groups: Support Online.
  3. Join InTheRooms.com. In The Rooms is a free online recovery tool that offers 130 weekly online meetings for those recovering from addiction and related issues.
  4. Check out recovery podcasts at Klēn & Sōbr.
  5. Read other recovery blogs. See the side bar of this blog for a list of Recovery Bloggers.
  6. Play PHOTO A DAY at FatMumSlim.com.
  7. Start a Scrapbook of your recovery journey.
  8. Find Sobriety Apps for your phone to help you stay sober: Best apps to stop drinking alcohol.
  9. Take some friends and go Paint Balling.
  10. Check out all things recovery at The Fix magazine.
  11. Create photo memorabilia at Shutterfly.
  12. Learn how to crochet with Sara Jane.
  13. Take your sweet tooth to the next level by making candy at home.
  14. Learn 10 Secret LEGO Building Tricks Only Experts Know.
  15. Redecorate your room, kitchen or entire house (or just dream about it) using Houzz.com.
  16. Play some Games for the Brain.
  17. Learn how to meditate with these Best Meditation Apps.
  18. Brush up on your typing skills by playing typing games at Typing.com.
  19. Volunteer to translate TedTalks at TED Translators.
  20. Listen to the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book readings by chapter, HERE.
  21. Learn about the brain and neuroplasticity: Hooked, Hacked, Hijacked: Reclaim Your Brain from Addictive Living.
  22. Watch a movie about alcoholism, like Flight, Smashed, Clean and Sober, and 28 Days.
  23. Create Play Lists of music for different moods or activities, like happy music, working music, or workout music. There are many music services including Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music.
  24. Try this 10-Minute Meditation For Beginners.
  25. Learn how to run with Couch To 5k app.
  26. Sign up now for your 14-day FREE trial at Jazzercise on Demand.
  27. Check out That Sober Guy Podcast.
  28. Create at home herb garden with the HGTV’s How to Plant a Kitchen Herb Garden.
  29. Learn how to play the piano using the Simply Piano app.
  30. Binge watch a show on Netflix.
  31. Take a class on Udemy.
  32. Try Yoga For Complete Beginners 20 minute class.
  33. Learn the 5 Tips to Stay Sober.
  34. Bringing sight to blind and low-vision people (Volunteer) at Be My Eyes.
  35. Listen to Brené Brown who studies human connection and is in long term recovery, her most watched TedTalk, The power of vulnerability.
  36. Make your own Body Butter.
  37. Learn a new language using the Duolingo app.
  38. Sell your designer clothes at ThreadUp.
  39. Sell anything at OfferUp.
  40. Put together jigsaw puzzles on your iPad.
  41. Relax to the Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Sound Bath.
  42. Check out some of the great Virtual Art Exhibits.
  43. Take an Online Dance Class.
  44. Subscribe to the online bookstore at Goodreads.
  45. Join the Getting sober and sober living! on Reddit.
  46. Go hiking. You can find your local trails HERE.
  47. Paint a room. Use this Sherwin-Williams Visualizer.
  48. Take a creative writing workshop or try these writing prompts: 52 Creative Writing Prompts.
  49. Make your own candles.
  50. Cuddle up in your favorite PJs and blanket, and go to sleep.


2 thoughts on “50 Things To Do Sober

  1. Life is so much more fun when you’re sober! This is an impressive list of things, but I’m sure it’s only the beginning.



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