The Power of Meditation in Recovery

I had a whole bunch of stuff on my mind during early recovery. I was trying to apply what I learned in treatment in my new life, balance work and recovery, avoid triggers, and implement healthy routines. I felt very overwhelmed and my mind was constantly occupied. The idea that I could just turn the … Continue reading The Power of Meditation in Recovery

Discover what is the 5 benefits of Residential Rehab

5 Undeniable Benefits of Residential Rehab

Taking the major step to seek help for Substance Use Disorder can be a life-altering decision; yet determining how, and where you seek treatment can make all the difference. Usually, the choice is between outpatient care or residential rehab, with the difference being whether you prefer to do a less intensive program where you continue … Continue reading 5 Undeniable Benefits of Residential Rehab

Don’t Drink No Matter What!

Today, I am going to unwind by letting it all out, and maybe you had a rough week too and need to unwind also, huh? Well, grab your pen or keyboard, and lets get it all out! Writing out my frustrations has often proven to be a great tool against picking up that drink! Once … Continue reading Don’t Drink No Matter What!