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Category: Recovery Toolbox

4 Ways To Love Yourself

I remember being very lonely in my early recovery. I felt broken and I was in lots of pain. By the end of my drinking I had alienated all my friends and […]

Friday Night Pep-Talk: Sober Weekends

TGIF! Today is yet another Friday and the end of the work week as well as a payday for many. The local bars will be packed for Happy Hour soon and people will […]

Attitude of Gratitude?

Oh, sometimes I hate that cheesy saying (LOL), and sometimes I hate when someone uses it as a topic for a meeting! BUT it also never fails to get me out of a bad mood, or sadness, or self-pity, or even huge bouts of fear. Of course it is always easier to be positive and grateful when things go my way than when everything seems to be falling apart! And lately it seems like every day something falls completely apart!