50 Things To Do Sober

Boredom is sometimes a part of life, but it can be dangerous for someone newly sober. People who are early in recovery find themselves with more time on their hands, time that used to be spent acquiring, using, or recovering from alcohol. Oftentimes people move away from healthier habits when they are actively drinking, and … Continue reading 50 Things To Do Sober

“12 Truths”·Anne Lamott·TED2017

Anne Lamott is an American novelist and non-fiction writer. She is also a progressive political activist, public speaker, and writing teacher and a person in long term recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Her nonfiction works are largely autobiographical. Wikipedia  In 2017 Anne Lamott recorded a Ted Talk about the 12 Truths that she knows … Continue reading “12 Truths”·Anne Lamott·TED2017

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List of Online Support to Help You Stay Sober

With the closing of all Face-to-Face meetings and Stay-at-Home orders it has been particularly difficult to stay connected to the recovery network. Many of us miss the personal connections, the many hugs and seeing our fellow travelers. But luckily today's technology has allowed us to connect online. There is a plethora of meetings, groups and … Continue reading List of Online Support to Help You Stay Sober