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Hi there,

My name is Magz, and I am a person recovering from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

I would love to hear about your recovery journey, or just when you need a friendly cyber ear, or if you just want to chat about life, love and pursuit of happiness, or whatever really! Email me, don’t be shy!


Sending big hugs!

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling with alcohol addiction, please check out the Sober Courage menu at the top of this page for an extensive list of support groups and recovery related articles.  You may also find some great inspiration, support and resources at the bottom of this page.

Connect with me on Facebook and on Twitter!

One thought on “Contact Me

  1. Hello I love your blog. It’s super inspiring to me. Your honesty and insight is a fresh of breath air! I’ll have 5 years sober in August! I was wondering if I could ubmit a guest post to you?



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