Friday Night Pep-Talks

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You may find that Friday nights are especially challenging to get through sober! In early recovery, I had especially hard time on Fridays as my cravings were completely out of control. The excitement of the end of the workweek, and the “need” for a reward for all the hard work done, and the jealousy of “all the fun everyone else was having” made it very default not to pick up a drink and celebrate!! Of course I also thought that only “loser” did not party on Fridays – come to find out that many people do not party or drink on Fridays. (Of course, we do not find those people until we are sober ourselves!)

To help me endure the all mighty Fridays, I learned how to anticipate and plan for those nights. I started making plans to have things to do, like watch a movie, read a good book, hang out with a friend, go to a 12-step meeting or any none drinking event. This was essential for me to do, because white knuckling it every Friday night was absolutely exhausting, and it usually set me up for a relapse after I got tired of battling the cravings!

However, the more engaged I was in something else than the cravings were gone and the easier it was to get through the night sober! Eventually I stopped feeling like my Friday nights were a complete dud, and I found that Friday nights could be lots of fun without drinking!

I have created the Friday Night Pep-Talk series to share some awesome ideas that really helped me, and may help you stay sober, not only on Friday nights, but any time of the week!

Here are the other Friday Night Pep-Talk posts:

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  1. It is Friday my 13th day sober and I was sitting at my office after a long week, running through the list of justifications to go ahead and drink tonight: I deserve it. I’ve been good for 12 days. I can’t do this, who am I kidding. I don’t want to do this. Etc., etc.. So I started reading some blog posts, saw a comment you made, and found your site and Friday Night Pep Talks. It helped a ton. Worked late, blew off the urge, and took the kids to Five Guys burgers. Fridays are absolutely the worst and I will have a better plan for next Friday. Thanks for the help.


    • Hi, congrats on making it thru! Oh man did I hate Fridays. But I’d take a night with the kids at Five Guys any day! We do a movie night on Fridays now, it’s a good reward for the kids too. I am so glad you found my blog and found something helpful. Day 13 – check! Very cool. Keep in touch!


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