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The Internet is a great place to find general information about Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and other addiction. Getting clean from alcohol may be challenging, but there is no reason you have to do it alone! There is a growing body of scientific evidence that says participation in support programs greatly increases the chances of positive, long-term recovery.

Here are a few of the many support sites (in alphabetical order):

Alcoholics Anonymous®

Alcoholics Anonymous® is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. Website:

E-AA, online open AA meetings for anyone with a desire to quit drinking, online help for AA members, links, forums, chat room (including scheduled chats ), and a journals of sobriety are also available. Website:

In The Rooms is the world’s largest Recovery Social Network. Whether you’re sober, clean, or seeking help with your drug addiction or alcoholism, we welcome you, and will connect you with other people who share YOUR addiction, in YOUR local area, and all across the world! Website:

LifeRing Secular Recovery is an abstinence-based, worldwide network of individuals seeking to live in recovery from addiction to alcohol or to other non-medically indicated drugs. This is a non-12 step program, where people can get together in face-to-face meetings, online chat, and email. The group is open to members of all faiths. Website:

Moderation Management (MM), a secular non-profit organization providing peer-run non-coercive support groups for anyone who would like to reduce their alcohol consumption. (MM) is a behavioral change program and national support group network for people concerned about their drinking and who desire to make positive lifestyle changes. MM empowers individuals to accept personal responsibility for choosing and maintaining their own path, whether moderation or abstinence. Website:

Recovery International offers a cognitive behavioral training method developed by the late neuro psychiatrist Dr. Abraham A. Low. For over 75 years this method has helped members learn to identify and manage negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors that can lead to emotional distress and related physical symptoms. Website:

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) is a secular approach to addiction recovery. Also known as Save Our Selves, is a non-profit network of autonomous addiction recovery groups. The program stresses the need to place the highest priority on sobriety and uses mutual support to assist members in achieving this goal. Website:

She Recovers Foundation is currently the largest online platform available to women seeking recovery in all areas of their lives and who follow all pathways of recovery. We recover from drug addiction, alcoholism, codependency, love and sex addiction, disordered eating and eating disorders, workaholism and perfectionism. Women who are recovering in all areas of their lives and who follow all pathways of recovery are warmly welcomed here on She Recovers. Website:

SMART Recovery® is an abstinence-based, not- for-profit organization with a sensible self-help program for people having problems with drinking and using. Not a 12-step program. Most SMART online Chat Meetings are held in a ParaChat room which is accessible in several formats. Here is a list of the Face-to-Face Meetings. Website:

Soberistas is a social network where you can meet people who are trying to resolve their problematic drinking patterns, and people who have successfully kicked the booze. Talk, write, offload, share. This is a paid membership site. Website:

This is a Hazelden Social Community and is a part of the Hazelden network, providing recovering addicts with free membership-only access to online chat rooms and discussion boards. Members also have access to online meetings, podcasts and the book club. Website:

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping women discover a happy New Life in recovery from Substance Use Disorders. Founded in 1975, the WFS New Life Program is based on thirteen Acceptance Statements which encourage emotional and spiritual growth. WFS has certified moderators and chat leaders leading mutual support groups online and in person, as well as phone volunteers available for one-on-one support. Any woman seeking an abstinent New Life is welcome to join WFS. Website:

*All references from Google Search. Last updated 1/2022.

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