Ending The Stigma Starts With Us

Every time I share that I am a person recovering from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), with someone who is not in recovery, it is always in hopes that I may change their negative view of the disease, or that I might be the person that they will feel comfortable enough with to ask for support if needed.

No Thank You, No More Shame For Me

I have been so wrapped up in shame that I pretty much became a hermit in my own mind just to not have to face all of which I was afraid that people were judging me for. I totally closed, and I did not share my pain with anyone. I did not seek support and … Continue reading No Thank You, No More Shame For Me

Don’t Drink No Matter What!

Today, I am going to unwind by letting it all out, and maybe you had a rough week too and need to unwind also, huh? Well, grab your pen or keyboard, and lets get it all out! Writing out my frustrations has often proven to be a great tool against picking up that drink! Once … Continue reading Don’t Drink No Matter What!