The Year I Spent In Rehab

A year sounds like a very long time to be in rehab, but that’s exactly what I did last year. My battle with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) had reached its peak and the fight became a full blown war. Why is it so hard to stay sober? I’ve done it before, but ever since I … Continue reading The Year I Spent In Rehab

What is the Pink Cloud & How It Affects Your Recovery

Many people suffering from addictions are known to live in high extremes when they are using. This tendency often remains in progression after they become clean or sober. Thus, many people in early recovery go through a phase of extra-heightened happiness and excitement that often even creates euphoria about their newfound life in recovery. This … Continue reading What is the Pink Cloud & How It Affects Your Recovery

6 Ways to Stay Emotionally Balanced

Early in sobriety, I realized that this chaotic cycle and all my efforts to control everything made me absolutely miserable. All that drama made it hard to live, be happy, and stay sober at the same time. It just becomes too much work to constantly have to control everything around me.