“12 Truths”·Anne Lamott·TED2017

Anne Lamott is an American novelist and non-fiction writer. She is also a progressive political activist, public speaker, and writing teacher and a person in long term recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). Her nonfiction works are largely autobiographical. Wikipedia  In 2017 Anne Lamott recorded a Ted Talk about the 12 Truths that she knows … Continue reading “12 Truths”·Anne Lamott·TED2017


The Willingness To Try Something Different

Often, in early sobriety life may feel sort of dull, boring and absolutely blah at times. Alcohol seemed to have had a powerful effect on creating things superficially exciting for us. Sometimes alcohol gave us the invigorating reward feeling for living this super hard life. Many of us had romantic thoughts about the glamorous drinking … Continue reading The Willingness To Try Something Different


Hope For The New Year

Three years ago, I picked up a drink after being in long term recovery and my life had spiraled out of control. Today I am sober by the grace of my higher power and the people that continue to support me and love me unconditionally. This has been a true gift of 2019! However, I … Continue reading Hope For The New Year