Hope For The New Year

Three years ago, I picked up a drink after being in long term recovery and my life had spiraled out of control. Today I am sober by the grace of my higher power and the people that continue to support me and love me unconditionally. This has been a true gift of 2019! However, I … Continue reading Hope For The New Year

Tools for Recovery: Let Go and Let God Box

When I hold a death grip on everything in my life, and things do not go may way, I find myself stuck in fear and I try to control everything even more. But I know that I actually have very little and often no control over people, things and places around me. I only have … Continue reading Tools for Recovery: Let Go and Let God Box

Friday Night Pep-Talk: The Sober Lifestyle

https://sobercouragedotcom1.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/pexels-photo-1263986-e1598984990431.jpeg I hear many people in early sobriety talk about that sober life feels sort of grey, boring and absolutely blah at times. Alcohol seemed to have had a powerful effect in creating things outwardly exciting for us. Once you quit drinking it may take some time for the enjoyable activities to have the same … Continue reading Friday Night Pep-Talk: The Sober Lifestyle